Can homeopathy help me?

Homeopathy is a therapeutic method which can help with a wide range of diseases, whether acute or chronic. Read more

The Clinic

Our Centre has NHS GPs and practitoners of alternative and complementary health services working together under the same roof to offer the most appropriate treatment for our pateints in an integrated way. Read more

If you like coffee…

If you like coffee… well, drink it, because it appears to be good for you. Since Hahnemann’s time, homeopaths tend to have a conflicting attitude towards coffee: as a medicine on the one hand (esp. in homeopathic doses!) and as a poison on the other (and as a so-called ‘antidote’ to the homeopathic remedies). Current research (and there is plenty) suggests that moderate consumption of coffee is good for the liver, the pancreas, the heart, the mood, the brain etc. Esp. ‘dark roast’ seems to do the trick. So, enjoy (but avoid the non tax paying corporations, and find a good local coffee shop – or, of course, brew your own).


Here is an updated version of the HPV Facts website by the ARNICA UK Parents’ Support Network Group. It makes essential reading for any parent and/or teenager who has to take a decision on the HPV vaccine.
The bottomline, as so often in health issues, is the right lifestyle choices. Before even thinking of vaccination, consider to
- Stop smoking (or don’t start if you haven’t yet)
- Eat healthily (vegetables, vegetables, vegetables)
- Exercise
- Have protected sex

It is also interesting to note that to date no evidence exists that HPV vaccine actually prevents cervical cancer.
All the more reason to take note of any potential side effects from the vaccine, esp. if they are serious.
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Physic Garden Project

This is a great project by a herbalist. Worth taking a look at:
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What we always knew – the Science & Technology Report was flawed

An independent critique written by Earl Baldwin of Bewdley concluded that the committee’s report was “an unreliable source of evidence about homeopathy.”


Read the Report here, the responses from MPs, Government, patients and practitoners:

It is encouraging to see that an attempted stitch-up is exposed for what it is, albeit belatedly. Cleverness without integrity often backfires.

Medscape Digest September – the honesty of science

This is a digest of three articles published in the online Medscape September edition. By way of three meta-analyses it takes a look at 1. the risks of taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs after having experienced a heart attack, 2. the fact that whooping cough vaccination becomes increasingly less effective from year to year and 3. how good acupuncture is for chronic pain relief.

This is certainly good news for those who are sceptical towards conventional medicine, and favour alternative/complementary therapeutic measures. At the same time, this digest shows that scientific integrity can build bridges. Self-critical apparisal is the key to rational medicine.


Three pieces from Medscape Sept 2012

Homeopathy and Podiatry in Ghana

This a report from our last stay in Ghana with the charity Ghanahomeopathy. The project has entered a new phase, and is now for the first combining homeopathy with podiatry in the areas of wound care and diabetes. The first phase of the work has been very encouraging.

Read more here:

Report to Ghana Homeopathy on charity work in Ghana from 10th of July to 24th of July 2012

Health Advice – it doesn’t have to be confusing

All too often, health advice is well meaning, but contradictory and therefore confusing. Prof. Ratcliffe appears to have found a way of giving good, sensible and evidenced-based health advice, which ends much of the confusion. Read here:

Flu Vaccine for children

Now we want to vaccinate children across the board. There is always wishful thinking:

and actual facts:

Be rational. Make your choice based on facts.

It appears to work in Switzerland

The English translation of the Swiss Health Technology
Assessment  (HTA) report on homeopathy was published in December 2011. This extensive and authoritative report offers an unambiguous endorsement of the evidence base for homeopathy. The report also provides strong evidence for the effectiveness of homeopathy in upper respiratory tract infections and allergic reactions (URTI/A). In light of the recent claims in the UK media that there is no ‘scientific evidence’ for homeopathy, this example of robust evidence in favour of homeopathy is of particular importance.

The Death of Humane Medicine

Always worth a read. A classic in the history of medical literature. Somebody who combined a deep love for the arts with medicine, and who knows how important philosophy is to get a perspective on life.

Petr Skrabanek


‘Medicine is not about conquering diseases and death, but about the alleviation of suffering, minimising harm, smoothing the painful journey of man to the grave. Medicine has no mandate to be meddlesome in the lives of those who do not need it. ‘