Medical History


To begin the process of prescribing the correct homeopathic remedy, comprehensive information about the individual has to be collected.

Please use the questions as a guide to prepare for your consultation. You may find it useful to make notes prior to the visit.

Click here to download the questions as a Word Document (20 K)

Main Complaint:

• What is the exact location?
• What kind of sensation is it?
• When is it worse, when better? (time)
• What circumstances make it worse or better?
• Did anything bring on the present complaint?
• How long ago did it start?
• Are any other parts of the body affected at the same time?
• Describe your current mental/emotional state.
• How is your sleep?
• How is your appetite?
• How has it been treated until now?
• Did you have the present problem before?
• Are you on any medication? (Give details)
• List any illnesses you have had in your life.
• List any illnesses, which run in your family (e.g. diabetes, heart disease, cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.)