What happens in Treatment Sessions?

First Consultation
For homeopathy to work effectively, I need to gather a lot of information during the first consultation.

I obviously need to know about the Chief Complaint (which is the main complaint you want to have treated). But I also need to know about other, maybe less pressing, complaints you also experience.

Then I need to know about:

• Your reactions to the environment:
• Which weather conditions suit you or make you feel worse
• How you react to temperature
• Any cravings and aversions for different foods
• Your sleep patterns
• The times of the day you feel particularly good or bad
• Your mental and emotional make up.
• I’m especially concerned with anything that has changed since the appearance of the Chief Complaint.
• That is why the first consultation lasts for two hours.
• At the end of the consultation, I prescribe a remedy, which will either be in liquid form or in the form of pillules.

Follow-Up Consultations
In the first few months of treatment, it’s important to have regular follow-ups. These last about half an hour to an hour, and are to assess the effect of the remedy properly.

All remedies are dispensed from the clinic and are usually given on the day