From its earliest days
, homeopathy has been used to protect individuals from the effects of disease forms such ’scarlet fever’, ‘cholera’ and ‘measles’.

•   Travellers are now using homeopathy as a way to protect them from the effects of various forms of diseases

• Homeopathy’s potential role regarding children’s immunisation is discussed here

•   FLU –  InfluenzaVaccine

Please note: Before you take any decision on whether you want to vaccinate or use homeoprophylaxis, it is very important that you gather as much information as possible about the disease you want to be protected from, and the area you travel to.

A good source of (non-homeopathic) information is the following website: TravelHealth

Your first port of call must always be your local GP and/or a travel health clinic.

Please, be aware that no preventive therapeutic measure is 100% effective. The key to prevention is to take all reasonable precautions (e.g. in case of malaria to protect yourself from mosquito bites). Homeopathic remedies are only given after a consultation with the homeopath. Those, who take up the offer of homeoprophylaxis are requested to sign a consent form.

A note of caution to those who believe that unjustified therapeutic claims are being made on this website. Please, read the following carefully:
Since homeopathy is used to address the individual’s experience of diseased states, disease names mentioned here are purely used for shorthand purposes. Homeopathy recognises that diseases differ from individual to individual even if they have been given the same label, such as ‘rheumatoid arthritis’, for example. Hahnemann himself suggested not to speak of  ‘ague’, ‘nerve fever’ or ‘dropsy’, but as a kind of ague, a kind of nerve fever, a kind of dropsy. (Organon of the Medical Art, footnote to section 81) Homeopathy does not treat disease names, it addresses the experience of an individual suffering from kinds of diseases.