Parents’ section

This section is mainly for parents, who are looking for a possible alternative to conventional vaccination/immunisation.

Parents will find information on:

  • Conventional vaccinations and
  • Suggestions for alternatives to conventional vaccinations, called Homeoprophylaxis.

It has to be acknowledged that this is a very complex topic, where proponents and opponents alike can back up their conflicting views with seemingly convincing data. Most often the findings are quoted selectively on both sides of the debate. Unfortunately, there is a lot of fearmongering in this debate. The bottom line is: children with a good immunity are less likely to contract diseases, or suffer from these diseases disproportionately. The foundation of good health is therefore neither vaccination nor homeoprophylaxis, but the fostering of natural immunity. The question for parents is whether vaccination or homeoprophylaxis can add to natural immunity. This is a question which can only be answered by conducting open and honest long term studies into the comparative health benefits of homeoprophylaxis and vaccination.

This type of research is very much in its infancy, and much more has to be done. However, the available research (and 200 years of clinical experience) suggest that Homeoprophylaxis holds a unique position when it comes to protection from disease as well as increasing the general health of the child.

Disclaimer: Any information obtained here is not to be construed as medical OR legal advice. The decision to vaccinate and how you implement that decision is yours and yours alone.