Halloween Science      by William Alderson

This article analyses the defective thinking and hypocrisy of a publication by two prominent skeptics who attempt to make a case against Complementary Alternative Medicine, in particular Homeopathy.

Facts and Theories  by Ralf Jeutter

This article discusses critically Hahnemann’s theories of the miasms and the Vital Force, and attempts to highlight the unique aspects of Hahnemann’s homeopathy, which sets it apart from modern developments.

 Homeopathy and Rationality  by Ralf Jeutter

This article argues that homeopathy has its origin in the tradition of the Enlightenment, and should be clearly separated from mystical tenets of New Ageism.

Genuine homoeopathy  by Christian Meinhard

This article attempts to define ‘genuine’ homeopathy

Characteristic signs in GHG Jahr by Dr Steffen Raabe

This article explores what G.H.G. Jahr, an early student of Hahnemann, understood under characteristic signs and symptoms.

Homoeopathy according to Hahnemann Stefan Reis
This article takes a closer look at section 211 of the Organon

Silica fear of pins Stefan Reis
This article shows the origin of Silica’s alleged fear of pins.

A PERSONAL ACCOUNT ….of a year in India by Ralf Jeutter

The Fundamental(ist) Misunderstanding
Response to The Fundamentalist Controversy by Dr. R. Moskowitz