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Homeopathy is a therapeutic method which can help with a wide range of diseases, whether acute or chronic. Read more

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Intermittent Fasting

No doubt, given Hahnemann’s insistence on a healthy lifestyle, he would have approved of this method of keeping you healthy. Here are the top ten health benefits of Intermittent Fasting (IF):

Chemical dyes can detect presence of homeopathic high dilutions

Dr Steve Cartwright devised a simple and effective method of detecting homeopathic high dilutions. This ingenious method could open doors to investigate the mystery of how homeopathic dilutions work. For a non-jargon summary of this method and the findings, read:

Detecting homeopathic high dilutions with dyes


Use of Complementary and Alternative Medicine in the treatment of children with epilepsy

This study was published in a conventional medical journal of high reputation.

The study shows that homeopathy is the most commonly used  complementary alternative medicine (CAM) for this condition.

More than half of the parents who participated in this study saw benefits for their children using CAM.

All parents, regardless of benefit, or not, wanted to continue with CAM after the study.

Those parents, who had not used CAM, wanted to find out more about it.

See here:

Use of CAM in children and epilepsy in the treatment of epilepsy


Homeopathic treatment of children with diarrhoea

As always, there is a story behind a successful study of homeopathy. This one is slightly different in that it got published in a conventional and highly regarded medical journal Pediatrics. It is not different in that critics of homeopathy tried to discredit this study in return by suspending good editorial practice. Listen to the story here:

The story behind one of the highest quality studies ever published on individualised homeopathic treatment,


Homeopathy – first nanomedicine: it’s official

Because facts matter…and these are a game changer…

Business interests seeking to destroy homeopathy conveniently rely on 19th century chemistry arguments to attack it… You’ve heard them before… “there is nothing in their remedies”. Did you know that seven separate nanoscience laboratories from around the world have now confirmed that remedies at all potency levels contain nanoparticles of the original medicinal substances? Homeopathy is actually the first form of nanomedicine ever discovered….

**Chikramane PS, Suresh AK, Bellare JR, Kane SG. Extreme homeopathic dilutions retain starting materials: a nanoparticulate
perspective. Homeopathy 2010; 99(4): 231e242.

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Experimental evidence of stable water nanostructures in extremely dilute solutions, at standard pressure and temperature. Homeopathy 1/2014; 103(1): 44e50.

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** Barve R, Chaughule R. Size-dependent in vivo/in vitro results of homoeopathic herbal extracts. J Nanostructure Chem 2013; 3: 18.

Info on Drug side effects

This is a good website for those who want to quickly find out whether the drug they are taking outweighs the risks associated with it. Copy and paste:

No end in sight – the debate continues 2

Isabella Thomas statement

Example Brazil – how to survive a conspiracy to destroy homeopathy

People power and professional medical solidarity – two elements which helped to keep homeopathy alive in Brazil, despite concerted attempts to destroy it. A certain magician was part of the plot – but it backfired on him, and despite being a magician, he couldn’t hide…

Cut and Paste:

Walking is good for you, very good in fact

‘Go and get yourselves some Nikes instead of chemotherapy’, says this doctor…Keeping healthy can be simple. One way to do it is to walk…it even improves cancer outcomes.

More on the wonderful plant doctor

Here is more on Kaviraj: